A Story is an integral part of living.
A Story is evidence that we lived.
Stories chronicle our triumphs and our defeats,
Our loves and our losses.
While it is common to save photographs from fire or flood,
It is uncommon to save the story that could bring the photograph to life.
A Story that’s on the tip of a tongue today may be lost forever, tomorrow.
We are all about saving stories.
One Story at a time.

You have to start somewhere.

The Idea:  The Turn of the Century

The idea for Save The Story really started 40 years ago when some outstanding stories, pictures and silent films, all filmed in and around Jacksonville, were found.  Based on the research of Richard Allen Nelson (then a Ph.D candidate at Florida State University), Sam Gill (who was archivist for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for 25 years), the collections of Marc Wanamaker at Bison Archives a surprising silent film story emerged.   We also uncovered many thousands of newspaper stories not available on microfilm and we pieced together a story of Florida Production.  We plan to spend the next few years posting those stories and films and pictures right here.

Mid Century Production

In the late 1950’s another surge of production slowly began with some small advertising agencies, a few newsreel cameramen, a photographer or two and a film lab.  Jacksonville had some of the fundamental elements to create a production community.  We began interviews with those production pioneers a little more than a year ago.  We intend to document their stories and post them here as well.

Mid Century Modern Architecture

As we looked through photographs of the 1950’s we also noticed buildings and architecture in Jacksonville that were truly unique.  A group of revolutionary architects began to move toward a unique style that would later be called Mid Century Modern. Many of the best examples of this work were built, and can still be seen, in Jacksonville.

Dr. Wayne Wood is working with us to interview the leaders of Mid Century Modern interviewing William Morgan, Taylor Hardwick and Bob Broward.  This work will become a documentary but portions will be posted here as well.

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