Announcing a Reunion of Media People

Communications 21 Reunion from Save The Story on Vimeo.

Announcing a Reunion of Media People
Jacksonville, FL September 22, 2011

Half a Century of Production

It probably started with Don Barton and Gerden Russell (Russell Barton) Laurence Smith, Tony Kennedy and Ted Johnson, Jerry and Bob Favorite and Judith Gefter, but it was also driven by local broadcast TV news (local evening news shot on 16mm film), and by fledgling advertising agencies, Radcliffe, Floyd Benton, Bunker and Bell, Strumloff  Stinson, Cecil West and  William Cook.

From the mid-sixties to the end of the decade something remarkable happened in Jacksonville, projects were conceived, sold and produced where there had been none previously. Through up and down economic conditions the Jacksonville production industry grew and prospered. The 16mm A and B rolls, the answer and release prints, the 2″ high band video tape, and the carousel projectors mostly didn’t survive.

What did survive are the relationships, the memories and the Stories. Please join us to celebrate you and the people who made it all happen.

It was a spectacular event, we’ll post pictures soon.

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